A Family Affair: The Children of 2 of Helena's Longtime Physicians Carry the Torch at St. Peter's

A Family Affair: The Children of 2 of Helena’s Longtime Physicians Carry the Torch at St. Peter’s

The adult children of two longtime local doctors have returned to Helena with an MD behind their name.

On August 28, Dr. Matthew Goldes joined St. Peter’s Health as a General and Vascular Surgeon. He is the son of Dr. Jeffry Goldes, who has practiced dermatology in Helena for 32 years, since 1990.

“Most of my patients will show me like a stain on their arm and say, ‘He took that away from me,'” Matthew Goldes said. “So the fact that he has that reputation is a bit daunting, and with Dr. Harper’s retirement, those are really big shoes to fill.”

Dr. William Harper was a general vascular and thoracic surgeon at St. Peter’s Health who served the Helena community for 35 years before retiring. Matthew Goldes was the slated recruit for the relief.

He became interested in medicine from an early age as his family is made up of dentists, nurses, emergency physicians and dermatologists.

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“Seeing (his father’s) satisfaction with his career and my other family being involved in medicine and their care for the people around them kind of pushed me towards (medicine),” he said. -he declares. “…It was probably during my pre-med years in college, when I volunteered at a hospice where we were exposed to specialties in medicine, that I realized I wanted to get into it. seriously interested.”

When Matthew Goldes was a child, his parents moved from the East Coast to Helena to be closer to family after the death of an uncle.

Matthew Goldes attended CR Anderson Middle School and then Capital High School. In 2013, he was accepted into the WWAMI Medical Education Program by Montana State University and attended the University of Washington Medical School in Seattle, where he met his wife.

Matthew Goldes moved to Miami, where he completed his general surgery residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center. With his wife, they have a cat, Sir Isaac Newton, and distant plans for a possible second feline in the house. He doesn’t see himself leaving Helena any time soon.

“It’s really cool to be back in my hometown, a lot of people can’t do that. Being part of the community, it’s a fluke if it worked out,” said Matthew Goldes.

From left to right, Dr. Robert Maher, Dr. James Maher and Dr. Katrina Maher.

Megan Michelotti

Drs. Katrina and Robert Maher are siblings who both grew up in Helena and attended Capital High School. Their father, Dr. James Maher, practiced medicine in Helena for more than 33 years and worked at St. Peter’s before retiring in 2015.

“There were a lot of times growing up, that you know the holidays maybe started a little later because he had to stop by the hospital and see someone or things like that,” said Katrina Maher. “You know, it was always something that I really respected… When I was a kid it was a bit more difficult, but now it’s really impressive, the work ethic of a lot of our documents of that time.”

Katrina Maher received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Art History from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Her art history degree focuses primarily on prehistoric art. She said it helped her a lot in medical school because it was mostly memorizing details.

Like her father, she attended medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine. She is a board member of the American Board of Family Medicine. She came to St. Peter’s as a primary care provider with a specialty in family medicine in March 2020.

“I tried really hard to see if there was anything else I found more interesting than (medicine). I double majored in art history and thought about doing something in that way, but I love being able to interact with people, help take care of them, I really enjoy all aspects of it, so over time it seemed to me that (medicine) was the best option for me.

Before returning to Montana, Katrina Maher held temporary positions in Washington and New Zealand.

“I love to travel, but there are things you can’t find outside of Helena, and I searched… Growing up in Helena, I feel like it’s not enough great, but as I’ve been away and back, I really appreciate the community, and the fact that it’s a community,” she said.

Katrina Maher is a member of the Clay Arts Guild of Helena. In her free time, she hikes, takes photographs and hangs out with her two cats, Jackson and Zoey.

Robert Maher attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Like his sister and father, he also studied medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He completed his general surgery residency at the University of Arizona-Phoenix School of Medicine and is a board certified member of the American College of Surgeons.

” I like helping people. I like science, so it seemed like the best compromise between the two,” said Robert Maher. “My wife and I are from Helena so it was a long term plan to come back here. All of our families are here. We both really enjoyed growing up here.

Robert Maher started at St. Peter’s in August 2021 as a general surgeon. He and his wife have a baby boy together.

“The truth is, raising a child in a family is a lot more fun, a lot easier than doing it somewhere else,” he said. “That was another appeal of coming back here is that our son could be raised with his grandparents and his aunt and everyone.”

Robert Maher is an avid runner when he’s not scrubbing. He just ran the Helena Ultra Runner League Elkhorn Endurance Run 50k in early August.

In addition to medicine, the Maher siblings also share an appreciation for the arts and the arts scene in their hometown.

“It’s a great community when it comes to people. The fact that we have so many trails just outside. We have a vibrant arts scene with the symphony, with the Grandstreet Theatre…” said Robert Maher. “I really love ceramics and the fact that we have Archie Bray and Clay Arts Guild (of Helena) is also great. There’s everything you can find in a big city, everything I love, here same.

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