Big Ramy Shares Ripped 337.7 Pound Physical Update Before He Started The 2022 Diet Mr. Olympia - Volt Fitness

Big Ramy Shares Ripped 337.7 Pound Physical Update Before He Started The 2022 Diet Mr. Olympia – Volt Fitness

Two-time defending Mr. Olympia Champion Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay has given the green light to the next stage of its preparations for this year’s bodybuilding season. In a recent Instagram post, Ramy showed off his latest physical update ahead of starting his 2022 contest regimen, Mr. Olympia.

After missing out on a guest appearance at Jim Manion’s Pittsburgh Pro, many in the bodybuilding community started counting the reigning champ. His commitment to the sport was therefore called into question. Although it is still unclear what his future plans are, Ramy told his children months ago that he wanted to retire at 38 after another Olympia competition next year (2023).

During the offseason, Olympia president Dan Solomon called Ramy to gauge his passion for bodybuilding. Following the call, Solomon was impressed with Ramy’s tone as the champion promised to win a third Sandow this winter.

Preparing to defend his title, Ramy’s trainer, Dennis James, flew to Dubai to help him train. Last month, Ramy sent shockwaves through the Men’s Open division when he shared a massive update to his 337-pound physique. It has drawn such strong reactions from the community that even the biggest threats like Nick Walker have acknowledged that if the champion arrives shredded he will likely win again at 2022 Mr. Olympia.

Big Ramy hits 337.7 pounds. Before starting the contest diet in the latest update

On September 22, 2022, the defending champion shared his final photos before embarking on his contest regimen for this year’s Mr. Olympia.

“Last photos before the start of my pageant diet. Weight 153.5 kg/ 337.7 lbs. Let the party begin.” Big Ramy wrote Thursday.

Following his update, the comments section lit up with many members of the community expressing their excitement about Ramy’s next stage of preparation.

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Unlike previous updates this season, Ramy gave fans a look at his back with a rear double biceps pose. Earlier this month he was accused by fans of using site-enhancing oils like Synthol in his delts/shoulders. Despite the accusations, Ramy shared another photo of himself a week later, where his delts/shoulders didn’t look as sharp/inflamed.

While his trainer James is impressed with the progress he’s made so far, he said he’s concerned about Ramy’s back – in particular, his trapezius muscle, which Dennis says is ‘not firing’ properly . Although, if you ask Ramy what his biggest weakness is, he thinks it’s his conditioning. Despite the ongoing issues, Dennis still predicts that Olympia 2022 will see Ramy at his “best ever”.

There are a number of men’s Open competitors who are targeting Ramy’s title, but the champion sees three bodybuilders in particular as his biggest threats. The first is Guillaume Bonacwhose muscle density and honed conditioning nearly saw him win the 2022 Arnold Classic. Bonac won the Boston Pro earlier this year, where he clinched his ticket to this year’s Olympia contest.

Additionally, Ramy named Brandon curry as one of its biggest rivals. As the 2019 Mr. Olympia winner, Curry’s aesthetic, V-taper and detailed parting guided him to success. He plans to add size like Bonac to combat Ramy’s towering stature later this year.

Finally, Ramy thinks he’s a consistent Olympia finisher Hadi Chopan could cause problems on stage. ‘The Persian Wolf’ has never placed below fourth at Olympia and his off-season strength suggests he has pushed himself harder than ever. His trainer, Hany Rambod has hinted that Choopan will bring a “next level” package to the stage this winter.

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Given the strong roster of competitors in the Men’s Open this year, there’s little to no room for error in Elssbiay’s final stages of preparation. As his pageant regime begins shortly, Ramy plans to bring his best look to the Olympia stage in December.

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