I want to lose fat and have more energy.  A dietitian says to eat a bigger breakfast and high-protein snacks.

I want to lose fat and have more energy. A dietitian says to eat a bigger breakfast and high-protein snacks.

  • A 51-year-old woman submitted an average day’s eating for Insider’s Nutrition Clinic to review.
  • She said her goals were to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, stay fit and maintain muscle.
  • A dietitian says to eat a bigger breakfast and add protein and fiber to snacks.
  • If you would like to have your diet reviewed by an expert, complete this form.
  • The advice in this article is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.

Sheri, 51, submitted her eating routine to Insider’s Nutrition Clinic, where trained dietitians and nutritionists offer advice on readers’ eating habits.

She told Insider her goals are to lose belly fat and 20-30 pounds overall, have more energy, sleep better, stay fit, and maintain or gain bone density and in muscle mass.

Sheri does six Peloton spin classes (at least 20 minutes each) and two 10-minute arm workouts a week, and she tries to get up from her desk regularly, she said.

She works both at home and in the office, and her eating habits vary accordingly.

Registered dietician Jaclyn London told Insider that Sheri’s diet lacks consistency and she should eat a nutritious breakfast every day along with regular high-protein snacks.

Sheri skips breakfast when working from home

Sheri drinks iced green tea and water throughout the day, and London said it’s good to stay hydrated. Sheri should make sure her green tea isn’t sweetened with sugar, as that’s where calories can sneak into her diet.

On work-from-home days, Sheri doesn’t eat until noon when she has leftovers from the night before; or a toasted muffin with an egg, a slice of cheese and ketchup; or a smoothie.

On office days, she eats gluten-free crackers, Pop-Tarts or “something else pre-packaged” around 9:30 a.m., she said.

A larger breakfast can boost energy

London said Sheri should have a nutritious breakfast in the morning regardless of where she works.

On work-from-home days, London recommended bulking up her breakfast to provide more protein and fiber and increase satiety, like two eggs on a whole-grain muffin with cheese and slices of fresh tomatoes.

A larger breakfast boosts energy and can lead to healthier choices throughout the day because it’s filling, London said.

“On office days, I would aim to have a similar mix of protein, healthy, fiber-rich carbs with healthy fats,” she said, suggesting peanut butter and banana on wholemeal bread or a take-out vegetable omelet with toast. .

“Breakfast Pop-Tarts or crackers are so much less satisfying because they’re all about refined carbs which can create blood sugar swings and lead Sheri to feel less energized, less focused, and probably a little ‘han. gry’ for the rest of the day,” London said.

Sheri snacks throughout the day

Sheri usually snacks on vegan cheese puffs, apples, fruit roll-ups or chocolate, she said.

London said apples are a great nutritious choice, but Sheri should try to plan snacks that combine protein and fiber to keep her full and boost her energy.

She suggests an apple with nut butter, nuts with a piece of fruit, or low fat cheese with whole grain crackers.

Sheri has a salad or takeout for lunch

On office days, Sheri either has a salad with turkey, hard-boiled eggs and calorie-free dressing, or she orders a sandwich, burger or burrito, she said.

London said salad is a good option and Sheri should try to make sure she eats fruit or vegetables at every meal to create a healthy diet without feeling restrictive, London said.

“It will add more bulk and fiber to meals and snacks, more nutrients, and new flavors and textures to make meals more delicious and satisfying,” she said.

Sheri has chicken, rice and salad for dinner

Sheri usually eats chicken or turkey with rice or potatoes and green salad for dinner, or leftovers from her work lunch, she said. Sheri drinks a glass of wine almost every night.

London said Sheri’s dinner is exactly the type of meal she recommends, thanks to lean protein, grains or starches, and greens or other vegetables.

“I also like that she ends her day with a glass of wine — as long as she keeps it under control and doesn’t slowly build up to a bottle of wine a night,” London said. “A glass of wine a day (and with meals) can contribute to an overall healthy eating pattern.”

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