iTWire - iTWireTV INTERVIEW: Elaine Banoub Talks Group Primary Communication, Business, Life Lessons, Metaverse, Mental Health and More

iTWire – iTWireTV INTERVIEW: Elaine Banoub Talks Group Primary Communication, Business, Life Lessons, Metaverse, Mental Health and More

Primary Comms Group is an excellent example of an integrated, committed, cutting-edge, technology-driven organization offering a wide range of products and services to businesses in need of public relations services, community and stakeholder engagement, as well as creative advertising and branded content. , with primary communications partner Elaine Banoub joining iTWireTV to take us on adventures in PR, the band, life lessons and more interesting times, read on!

Main communication group. The company has three specialist communications agencies working under one roof: Primary Communication, which are strategic PR-focused communicators and advisors, Primary Engage, which are community and stakeholder engagement experts, and Primary Create, who are specialists in creative advertising and branded content.

Understanding the power of communication to engage and influence, Primary Comms Group helps its clients through eras of trends, local and global crises, periods of stability and, more recently and increasingly, perpetual, pervasive and exponential.

With an independence dating back more than 30 years, Primary Comms Group is owned by a group of partners. This innovative structure ensures clients are directly served daily by Senior Consultant Owners, who are a team of established leaders and passionate young talent who work with clients to make great things happen.

These talented individuals are passionate about delivering results with creativity, strategy, and specialized expertise, and work with corporations, businesses, government departments, nonprofits, and consumer brands as separate agencies or as a purpose-built integrated communications team.

So to find out more about the philosophy of Primary Comms Group, we spoke with Elaine Banoub, a partner at Primary Communication, who also talked about customers, success stories, uplifting tales, ways to achieve better outcomes, mental wellness advocacy and practice in the workplace. and more.

This video interview is embedded directly below, after which is a summary of the topics we talked about, so please watch and read on!

  • I started by introducing Elaine, welcoming her to the program and asking her to tell us about the history of the Primary Comms Group and what sets it apart.
  • While exploring some of the current clients, I asked Elaine to share some of the great things accomplished for and with clients over the years, and moments that stood out.
  • Next, I asked Elaine if there were any cautionary tales to share with those looking to get into PR.
  • We then looked at what Elaine would change in the industry if she could wave a magic wand and it would happen instantly.
  • Elaine then shared her thoughts on the important practice of mental health and wellbeing, and particularly in the workplace, and what the Primary Comms Group is doing in this regard.
  • Following this, I asked Elaine what else we should know about the Primary Communication Group and herself, after which Elaine shared her thoughts on how the Primary Communication Group should evolve over the course of of the next two years, his thoughts on what the future might be like when the metaverse and AR/MR/ER glasses are as mainstream as smartphones and tablets.
  • We ended with great advice received in life and his last message to iTWire viewers and readers, as well as its current and future customers and partners.

So, to find out more, watch Elaine Banoub’s video interview above!


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