I'm a life coach - here's how super motivated people achieve their goals

I’m a life coach – here’s how super motivated people achieve their goals

MOST of us experience highs and lows in our motivation to exercise, with the lows often outweighing the highs.

And maybe it’s those times, when we find ourselves lying on the couch browsing social media, that we come across these people who seem to be constantly training or constantly posting about their daily runs.


The key to regular exercise is to not let your brain convince you not to run.Credit: Getty

They never seem to struggle with the motivation dips that the rest of us do.

What are their secrets?

Well, it turns out that those super motivated people we’ve been watching from afar don’t have a long list of motivational secrets – instead, they all just do ONE thing every day…

Jeff Spires, life coach and motivational specialist for the ResultsWellnessLifestyle wellness app, says, “Our minds are amazing things, but while they can be our ultimate support system, they can also be our biggest. problem when it comes to finding the motivation to move.

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“We know movement makes our minds and bodies feel amazing, but despite that, often our minds do everything they can to dissuade us from doing it.

“The truth is, the longer we go without exercise or movement, the harder it is to do it!

“If you want to move more but have found yourself stuck in a motivational rut, then this advice could change everything for you…

“The key is CONSISTENCY.

“I work with a lot of clients who are super driven, and they all have one major thing in common – they never completely and completely stop.

“Now I’m not talking about working out every day, I mean some form of movement every day.”


To get scientific about it, getting super motivated is really about following a formula that has been proven by researchers.

Jeff says, “Consistency is the key to opening the door to habits that can affect your behavior.

“When you’re consistent, your brain creates momentum and it’s that momentum that you need to access motivation.

This is because our habits are actually unconscious.

“We think we decide to exercise, but this decision-making process takes a lot of effort from us.

“Habits form without us having to put a lot of energy or effort into them.

“So ultimately the secret to super motivation is to make exercise a habit – not a decision.

“And how do we do that?

“We keep the movement regular in our day, so that somehow, shape or form, we move as a habit.”


Jeff says, “Instead of trying to force yourself to do a long period of intense exercise each day, work on this structure of movement options:

“Start with the type of exercise you most want to do that day.

“And if your mind doesn’t have it, move on to the next thing on the list.

“Keep doing this until you find the move that you and your mind are okay with doing that day.

“It sounds strange, but it’s been proven to work.”

“Here’s an example (work through the list from top to bottom):

Today I will…

  • Do a 30-45 minute workout
  • Do a 20 minute workout
  • Do a 10 minute workout
  • Go for a 30-minute walk
  • Go for a 10 minute walk
  • Put on a song and dance around the kitchen
  • Stretch / do yoga

Jeff says, “That’s what the super motivated do.

“They work with their minds to find a compromise until, eventually, the exercise and movement just becomes a habit that they do unconsciously.

“Doing this tricks your brain into making movement a habit because it doesn’t allow it to just convince you that you can’t find the motivation to do a workout today – it gives it alternatives.

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“Eventually your brain gives up using its energy trying to convince you not to move, instead it gives in and accepts that you are going to do some form of exercise every day.”

Want more tips on how to get super motivated? Visit ResultsWellnessLifestyle.com

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